Building, Planning, & Zoning

The Building, Planning, and Zoning Department are responsible for the review of applications, issuance of permits, and inspection of properties for compliance with Township Building, Zoning, and Fire Codes.

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The Township of Pine assesses a 3.5% service fee or $2.00 minimum on all payments via credit card.


The Small Project Stormwater Site Guide has been developed to assist those proposing residential projects to meet the requirements of the Allegheny County Stormwater Management Plan Model Ordinance without having to hire professional services to draft a formal stormwater management plan.  This small project site plan is only permitted for projects with earth disturbances between one-twentieth (0.05) acre and one quarter (0.25) acre of earth disturbance and containing less than 5,000 square feet of impervious surface.


Due to the increasing popularity of Mobile Food Trucks and Food Truck events, the Township of Pine has prepared this information for Mobile Food Vendors seeking a Temporary Use Permit to operate in the Township.

• Applicants should first review Section 84-84 E. (4) to see if they meet the requirements for a Temporary Use Permit.

• After reviewing the guidelines and standard permit conditions, applicants will fill out an application and submit it and an application fee of $75 to the Township Building, Planning, & Zoning Department.

• In addition, applicants will complete a Business Registration and submit it to the Township Business Tax Office.

For more information contact the Building, Planning, & Zoning Department at 724-625-1636, extension122.