Business Registration

Anyone doing business in the Township of Pine must complete these steps.

To Get Started

Obtain a Commercial Occupancy Permit

A Commercial Occupancy Permit Application (PDF) is required for each business and each location. The Commercial Occupancy Permit is issued by the Zoning Department. There is a one-time fee of $50. Construction Contractors, see special instructions below.

Home-based businesses must complete the Home Occupation Checklist (PDF).

Register Your Business

Complete the Business Registration Form (PDF) and submit to the Business Tax office. There is no fee to register. There is an annual $10 business license renewal fee, which is included on the annual Business Gross Receipts Tax Return.

Every Year

File Business Gross Receipts Tax Return and License Renewal

Submit the annual Business Gross Receipts Tax Return and Business License Renewal (PDF). The tax return is due on April 15th of each year. Filing and payment of the tax and license fee renew the business license for the current calendar year.

Report Changes  

Report any changes to contact information and location. If your business relocates within Pine, it must obtain a new Commercial Occupancy Permit. If the business moves out of Pine, please notify the business office of the date and the forwarding address.

Special Requirements

A Commercial Construction Contractor, whether a project manager, general contractor or subcontractor, must register with the Business Tax Office for any project lasting 15 days or more. Please complete the Business Registration Form for Contractors (PDF).

A Business Gross Receipts Tax Return will be mailed upon registration. The completed return is due, along with any required payment, within 40 days of completion of the project in Pine. Access a blank Contractors/Temporary Business Tax  Return (PDF).

Construction Contractors are not required to obtain a Commercial Occupancy Permit.

Other Business Requirements

Amusement Device License

Required for all establishments offering amusement or entertainment devices to patrons. See Business Tax for more information.

Building Permit

Required for changes to tenant space or for new constructions. Fee based on construction costs. See Building, Planning, and Zoning for more information.

Sign Permit

Required before erecting any sign, banner, etc. See Building, Planning, and Zoning for more information.

Payroll Tax Withholding

Every employer is required to withhold the Local Earned Income Tax and the Local Services Tax for employees and submit it quarterly to Keystone Collections Group. See Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax for more information.