§ 2-10. Public participation.

  1. Citizens desiring to address the Board at its stated meetings may do so by providing written notice to the Township Manager at least seven days prior to the day of the meeting, and such registration shall include the name and address of the participant, group affiliation, if applicable, and the topic to be addressed, or without such notice if recognized by the presiding officer.
  2. Citizens of the Township may be provided the opportunity to address the Board on any agenda item without written notice. All participants must be recognized by the presiding officer and must preface their comments by announcing their name, address and group affiliation, if applicable. The presiding officer may limit the time to five minutes for each citizen to speak. Such discussion shall occur prior to the vote on the agenda item.
  3. Each citizen who wishes to speak shall address the presiding officer and, upon recognition and receiving permission to speak, shall confine his remarks to the agenda item or matter specified in his notice, avoiding all indecorous language or reference to personalities.
  4. When a group of persons wishes to address the Board on the same subject matter, it shall be proper for the presiding officer to request that a spokesperson be chosen by the group to address the Board and to limit the number of persons addressing the Board on the same matter so as to avoid unnecessary repetition.
  5. It shall be the policy of the municipality that participants in public meetings of the Board shall be citizens or taxpayers of the Township or their counsel or authorized representatives. Others permitted to address the Board include anyone having registered a legitimate interest in any contemplated action of the Board; anyone representing a group in the community; any representative of a firm or company eligible to bid on materials or services solicited by the Township; any employee of the Township; or the counsel or authorized representative of the previously described persons.
  6. Any person making offensive, insulting, threatening, insolent, slanderous or obscene remarks or who becomes boisterous or who makes threats against any person or against public order and security while in the Board chamber shall be forthwith barred by the presiding officer from further attendance at the meeting unless permission to continue shall be granted by the majority vote of the Board members present.
  7. No placards, signs or banners will be permitted within the meeting room and on public property.
  8. Citizens may petition the Board to hold a special meeting as provided for in the Charter, Article IV, § C-403(2).