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Posted on: January 22, 2020

Snow Emergencies- What you need to know!

Township Road Snow CP

What is a snow emergency?

According to the Township of Pine Code §124.  The period of time from commencement of any snowfall or other weather condition which causes snow removal or deicing procedures to be performed by state, county or Township forces on any public roads, streets or highways within the Township of Pine until four hours after the snow stops falling or until the conclusion of such snow removal or deicing procedures, whichever shall last occur. 

Prohibited activities during a snow emergency §124-4.

A.  It shall be unlawful for any person to park or to permit to be parked any vehicle which they own or for which they are responsible upon the cartway of any public road, street or highway within the Township of Pine during a snow emergency.

B.  It shall be unlawful for any property owner and/or legal resident (excluding the Township of Pine) to allow snow or ice to remain on sidewalks fronting on or upon their property in excess of the time period specified in this paragraph, and it shall be the responsibility of such property owner and/or legal resident to clean or clear such sidewalks of snow and ice within 48 hours of the end of a snow emergency.

C.  It shall be unlawful for any person to place, cast, throw or leave any object, including snow and/or ice, onto the cartway of any public road, street or highway within the Township of Pine.

Enforcement §124-5.

A.  Any police officer of the Pine-Richland-Marshall-Bradfordwoods Joint Police Force who observes a violation of this chapter shall file a citation with the office of the District Magistrate against the person responsible for such violation. If so requested by the Township’s Director of Public Works or his designee, any such police officer shall have any vehicle parked in violation of this chapter towed, at the owner’s expense, from the cartway to the towed vehicles compound or to an approved storage garage.

B.  Removal and impounding of vehicles under this chapter shall be done only by approved storage garages that shall be designated from time to time by the Township of Pine. Every such garage shall submit satisfactory evidence to the Township that it is bonded or has acquired liability insurance in an amount satisfactory to the Township as sufficient to indemnify owners of impounded and/or towed vehicles against loss or damage to those vehicles while in the custody of the garage keeper or his agent for the purpose of towing or storage. The approved storage garage shall submit to the Township its schedule of charges for towing and storage of vehicles under this chapter and those charges shall be adhered to by the approved storage garage. No different schedule of charges shall be adopted without notice and approval of the Township, and no different charges shall be demanded of or collected from any person whose vehicle is removed or impounded under this chapter by any approved storage garage. The Township may delete from its list of approved storage garages any such garage that makes any unapproved charge in connection with any vehicle removed or impounded under this chapter.

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