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Posted on: August 31, 2021

Planning for the Remnants of Ida & Beyond

9.1.2021 beING PREPARED

“Be Prepared”…isn’t a tagline to the Township of Pine Supervisors…it’s a culture.  As the Board of Supervisors implements their vision of the Township, one word has become a common theme across the strategic process…PROACTIVE.  “The Township of Pine has become a highly desirable community to live, work, and play.  This type of community is only achievable through deliberate planning across all facets of the operation to enable a proactive approach to our needs,”  stated Board Member and Chairman Mike Dennehy.  It is this vision that has become a culture for the township staff.   Planning is not just limited to zoning matters or comprehensive strategies of the Township.

Planning overall services is critical in maintaining an efficient operation.  Municipal governments have a considerable breadth of responsibilities. We monitor, maintain and fix, roadways, waterways, walkways, bike lanes, car lanes, community parks, open space, developed space, and residential space.   Each requires a specific approach to ensure consistent service in all those aspects of the Township.  One great example (and timely due to the upcoming Fall Season) where a proactive approach is critical is managing rainwater.  Storms bring a high level of stress across all levels of township life…How does the rainwater affect areas that are under construction?  How does it affect our roads? Our Parks? Our homes?  Water is a powerful challenger; thus, a strategic approach to managing it is crucial.  Through the daily operation of township staff, that approach is executed regularly in ways that may not get noticed.

The staff’s Codes and Land Development group regularly monitors and evaluates the operations and maintenance of sites under construction.  Devices installed to intercept muddy runoff and divert it into treatment areas that help clean the water before it runs off the site and eventually into our streams are checked regularly, particularly before and after significant rain events.  This week, we have the remnants of Hurricane Ida that will pass through Pine.  Staff will monitor the conditions of construction sites across the Township in preparation for this week's rainfall.  “We take a comprehensive approach to our review of the construction sites.  When we are on-site, we’ll use the DEP guidelines to review how the different facilities are constructed and maintained and evaluate if we need to guide the developers and contractors toward repairs before the rain gets here…not after,” said the Director of Code Administration Larry Kurpakus.

The other aspect of the storm that the staff monitors closely is the condition of the existing stormwater system across the Township.  Simple problems like leaves clogging catch basin grates along the street gutter can lead to more significant issues during the storm.  “We have a regular evaluation process to check the conditions of our entire storm system before, during, and after weather events.  We review pipes, stormwater ponds, catch basins and their grates, and even the condition of curbing to ensure there aren’t breaks or low spots where water can get over the curb.  If we see issues, we fix them so that small problems don’t turn into bigger issues.” stated Director of Public Works Tony Barbarino.   

While the staff’s process is sound, thorough, and constantly ongoing, one of the most critical aspects of our system maintenance is you…the residents.  We need to hear your feedback and comments as it helps us identify problems that we may miss on our daily review.  Did you know that the Township of Pine monitors and maintains a reporting tool on our website and in both the Apple and Google Play app stores called Access Pine? 


If you see anything that could cause an issue, please report it directly to the Township by creating a case in Access Pine, calling the Township at 724-625-1591, or email.  We want to know so that we can get to it as early as possible….and “Prepare for the Storm.”

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