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Township of Pine, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
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Fire Prevention Permit Application

  1. Township of Pine
    230 Pearce Mill Road
    Wexford, PA 15090
    Phone: 724-625-1591
    Fax: 724-625-1790
  2. Fire Prevention Permit Application
    Notice: Any permit issued pursuant to the approval of this application may be revoked if the issuance of the permit was based upon incomplete or inaccurate information, or it violates any Township of Pine Ordinance, Pennsylvania Statute, United States Law, or Court Precedent.
  3. Applicant Information
  4. Property Information
  5. General Information
  6. Installation / Modification Permits
  7. Operational Permits
  8. Special Note: Fire Alarm Systems
    A record of completion must be submitted to the Township before a final acceptance test is conducted. A maintenance agreement must be signed between building owner and alarm company, and the agreement must be indicated on the record of completion. Failure to follow these procedures will delay issuance of building occupancy permits.
  9. Items Submitted With Application
  10. The applicant certifies that the above information is complete and true and correct to the best of the applicant's knowledge and belief.
  11. The applicant agrees to comply with the provisions of he Township of Pine's Ordinances, Codes and Regulations, and all other applicable laws and regulations of Allegheny County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States, whether or not specified in this application.
  12. The applicant agrees that if a permit is issued, the permit may be revoked by administrative action of the Township of Pine if compliance with the foregoing paragraphs and references are not absolute.
  13. Fee determined by type of application
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